Bushfire Information

Bushfire InformationBushfire Information is a website dedicated to providing bushfire information to people around Australia. For the latest bushfire information in your area please click the latest bushfire information link. The site is also full of information on specific bushfire protection subjects. From installing a fire bunker or a bushfire sprinkler system, to fitting ember guards or gutter guards. Bushfires are a yearly occurrence in Australia and homeowners who live in a bushfire prone area need to properly prepare their home for the threat of bushfires, this includes creating a bushfire protection zone. One of the first things you need to do is figure out your Bushfire Attack Level (BAL), to do this you need to download the Australian Standards document AS 3959. The Australian Standards AS 3959 firstly has a section that explains how to work out your BAL. Once you have worked out your bushfire attack level (BAL), the document makes recommendation on what is required to your home. Other ways that you can make a huge difference to the survivability of your home during a bushfire are installing a bushfire sprinkler system, installing ember guards or creating a building protection zone around your home. Bushfire InformationIt doesn’t have to be an expensive process, creating a bushfire protection zone around your home might only take you a weekend and it’s something most people can do themselves. Ember guards can be fitted by a qualified installer in a day and it makes a huge difference, most homes are lost due to embers from a bushfire, so something as simple as ember guards are a big help. One thing to note is the difference between ember guards and gutter guards, these are different products that have a different function when it comes to protecting your home from a bushfire. Gutter guards stop leaf buildup in gutters and the roof valleys, this is very important during a bushfire as even a small amount of leaf buildup can ignite, which then usually leads to the loss of your home. Ember guards are installed to block embers form entering areas like the roof space of your home, they are also used to protect weak points like evaporative air conditioners. You can lose your home from a single ember hours after a bushfire has passed, all it takes is one ember to land in the wrong spot. As mentioned before, simply browse the site for the specific bushfire information you are looking for. We hope that the Bushfire Information site has been a useful resource for you.